Marbelit Ltd. is specializing in applying advanced architectural coating and cladding solutions for the residential environment.

The Company has experience of more than 10 years in carrying out projects for clients of leading supervision and architecture offices in Israel. Marbelit Aqua, the Company’s flagship line of products, is a perfect combination of practicality and decorativeness and offers original and unique solution for coating and cladding surfaces in contact with water, indoors and outdoors. Marbelit Ltd. is the only company in Israel specializing in applying Marbelit Aqua.

Producing elements made of unique concrete such as sinks, work surfaces, stairs, etc. The products are dedicated products and are produced for specific purpose. Each of the materials has its own advantages, properties and features. The Company has exclusivity in importing and distributing the various products. Marbelit Ltd. has extensive experience in managing complex projects providing high-standard service: Meeting timetables, paying attention to the client’s requests, and full cooperation with the project’s professional teams.