Marbelit Aqua is a decorative coating for the water line. Marbelit Aqua The return of the minimalist line. Marbelit Aqua Is a unique line of products integrating with the world design trend which is aiming at creating simple aesthetic language where minimalist uniformity and cleanliness are key words. Marbelit Aqua Room An ideal solution for wet rooms. The coating is produced by a technology combining multi-layered structure of “smart” materials by advanced techniques.

Marbelit Aqua Room is a coating with exceptional adhesion enabling application on all types of surfaces without a need for special infrastructure. This advantage enables to carry out the coating in new buildings on black plaster, gypsum, cement board, Vila Board, metals, etc. In case of infrastructure to be refurbished (renovation) it can be applied on mosaics, ceramic tiles, stone, etc., without having to dismantle the existing material. Marbelit Aqua Room eliminates completely the need to install tiles and gives unique appearance which is typical to the minimalist line.

Marbelit Aqua Room offers clean, fine, luxurious and glossy appearance, a wide range of colors, natural or fine finish – easy maintenance, possibility to clean with most domestic detergents. Possibility to integrate ceramic tiles and mosaics to create decorative effect – Meeting the strictest standards.