Marbelit Aqua is a decorative coating for the water line. Marbelit Aqua The return of the minimalist line. Marbelit Aqua Is a unique line of products integrating with the world design trend which is aiming at creating simple aesthetic language where minimalist uniformity and cleanliness are key words. Marbelit Aqua Pool A finishing coating for swimming and decorative pools. Marbelit Aqua Pool – The perfect solution for the water line.

Marbelit Aqua Pool Enhances the beauty and clarity of each pool, in the residential yard or in public buildings. The material used for creating the coating is a single-component mixture based on ground marble cement, polymers and acrylic additives which add freshness to the water. Contrary to the embedding effect, created by cladding with tiles, Marbelit Aqua Pool Gives to the pool smooth and homogeneous appearance. Each of the colors from the variety of colors available will give to the pool a different color and dimension (for example, grey coating will give to the water amazing turquoise hue).

Marbelit Aqua Pool Clean and natural appearance – Range of colors – Possibility to integrate ceramic

tiles and mosaics to create decorative effect – Meeting the strictest standards.

The raw materials for creating the coatings are imported on exclusive

basis by Marbelit from USA, Europe and Australia.